Fitness Regimen Planning

Knock knock! Whose there? Your fitness goals and It’s time to have a specific goal oriented fitness regimen. This way I’m not just working out sporadically or not at all. Currently, my goal is prepare for the Color Run 5K I researched some information to tailor a plan specifically for me.

One of my friends recommended that I train for my body type. Muscle & Strength website identifies three body types that make a huge difference in how one should train. Mine is predominately the endomorph. Basically this means that I gain muscle and fat very easily. The detailed description of the endomorph fits me to the tee.



Typical traits of an Endomorph:

  • Soft and round body
  • Gains muscle and fat very easily
  • Is generally short
  • “Stocky” build
  • Round physique
  • Finds it hard to lose fat
  • Slow metabolism
  • Muscles not so well defined




I’ve created a meal plan for optimal results. It’s recommended that I focus on shedding the extra pounds until I reached my normal healthy body weight. Of course since I am also transitioning to a vegan diet, my meal plan is completely plant based. The first two weeks focus on loosing the water weight due to high sodium and carbohydrate intake. So the meal plan reflects a reduced amount of simple carbs and complex carbs added where necessary. I’ll go into more details about this on my next post.

Another friend recommended a website called Couckto5k. Did I mention that being connected to the right people is essential? Anyways, I have added this training plan to my calendar. You can find my personalized plan here. If you’re also an endomorph and want to follow it yourself then add it to your Google calendar’s list.

That’s all for now, I’ll post details about my vegan nutrition plan in a couple of days.



The Color ??????

Only three days left to register for the Color Run 5k event in RTP on October 4th! Well you can register until Oct 4th but you will miss out on some sweet deals. Since I signed up for their mailing list, they are making my team’s status VIP. This includes some freebies and $15 off the registration fee. Awesome deal! Normally registration is $40 so be proactive and register here for $25. You must do this by May 31st and make sure you join the team named TTCMovement.

Here is a link to the website that contains general details about the event:

I’m encouraging all those who have even an inkling of desire to participate in this event, to join my team. This may not be a Color Run for you. Maybe a Color Walk or a Color Jog. Either way you ought to be coloring something 🙂 Besides for my team this will be a empowering accomplishment full of fun and laughter.


Workout #1

Elliptical Cardio Interval

Elliptical Cardio Interval

That over there is the result of my first workout since beginning my transition. This was done on Wednesday, May 21st but I didn’t have a chance to post it. A follower of my blog joined me at the gym and we had to leave before I made it to an hour.  I have loss a significant amount of weight in the past by using only the elliptical. When I workout with the elliptical, I do exactly that. I create a full-body workout instead of just walking on it. The combination I used is a manual interval which I call my Elliptical Cardio Interval (ECI). This is truly one of my favorite workouts. It’s perfect for days that I’m short on time or don’t feel like doing anything.

These are all 4-minute intervals unless otherwise noted:

  1. Forward-Level 4 with arm handles
  2. Forward-Level 8 without arm handles
  3. Forward-Level 5 with arm handles
  4. Forward-Level 9 without arm handles
  5. Forward-Level 6 with arm handles
  6. Forward-Level 10 without arm handles
  7. Forward-Level 7 with arm handles (2-minutes)
  8. Forward-Level 11 without arm handles (2-minutes)
  9. Backward-Level 11 without arm handles (2-minutes)
  10. Backward-Level 7 with arm handles (2-minutes)
  11. Backward-Level 10 without arm handles
  12. Backward-Level 6 with arm handles
  13. Backward-Level 9 without arm handles
  14. Backward-Level 5 with arm handles
  15. Backward-Level 8 without arm handles
  16. Backward-Level 4 with arm handles
  17. Forward-cool down for 4 minutes

This is the one hour version. Well happy transitioning!