Just Because…

This week has been a total win for me! I have adjusted to my new plan and let me tell you that I just feel so alive. Waking up at 5:30AM and going bed at 9:30PM works best for me. Those extra 30 minutes in the morning allow me time to get my 5k training session done. It’s crazy! Sticking to the schedule is becoming more natural each day. I’ve declined free foods offered by people that were not apart of my plan. I honestly did not know it would go so well the first week. But who ever won a battle by thinking they already lost?

Today after I got off work and began the long drive home, I kept contemplating whether I wanted to go straight to the gym or go home first to take care of other things. I chose to workout. When I arrived in the parking, I pondered some more. Do I want to wait until its less crowded? Do I have to do this today? Can I find a friend who wants to come with me? I was perplexed because my “camera shyness” was seeping in but I really wanted to workout. I chose to workout. Now after my workout, I feel fabulous and I’m excited about the future I’m choosing. I realize that I don’t have to be scared of the me now. It’s important that I look in the mirror and appreciate the me now because I wont always look this way. That truth simply makes this journey more valuable. In fact my visual motivators are two pictures of myself. One is from early college years when I was at the most fit physique in my young adult life and the other is from last month. So I just tell myself, it’s the same story just a different day.

Hmm, what else made this week a win. It’s gonna rain tonight which means Ber doesn’t have to water the garden. #FreeWater


First Week Review

I’ve got to figure out a consistent posting schedule. On account of my birthday festivities and solo road trip, my time was quite limited. The good thing about this time away is that I came across positive health movements other people were doing. I will discuss them in a later post.

First things first, my eating habits for this past week—lost. I started out good by shaking in the morning at work; however, by the end of the week I was chewing on a chicken stick. I failed to prepare so you know the rest.  Meal prepping is extremely important especially when you are going out of town.  I can’t expect others to accommodate my dietary needs all the time. I think if I can make plans to be outside my normal environment then I can take time to plan my normal routines in my schedule.

Next workouts…..let’s just skip this section.

My wins for the week were taking my body weight and measurements, before body photos, and networking with other people with similar goals. I originally had this vendetta with before pics since I feel like there are plenty of pictures of me being overweight now; however, it may be kind of cool to track your progress in the same outfit.

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